Do You Have Asbestos Cancer Or Mesothelioma? What It Means For You And Possible Treatments

Do You Have Asbestos Cancer Or Mesothelioma? What It Means For You And Possible Treatments

Do You Have Asbestos Cancer Or Mesothelioma? What It Means For You And Possible Treatments
By George S. Hughes

If you have been diagnosed with asbestos cancer, or by its clinical term, mesothelioma, it means you have a form of cancer that damages the mesothelium which is a membrane that encases our lungs, chest, abdomen and heart. The heart is protected by mesothelial tissue that surrounds it and is dubbed the pericardium. The lungs and chest cavity is covered by the pleural mesothlium membrane, and the peritoneum is what covers the abdominal cavity using mesothelial tissue. Asbestos damages every one of these membranous cells, however the most typical is pleural mesothelioma, usually in the advanced stages of this disease the cancer spreads and attacks other areas of the body.

The main reason behind people contracting asbestos cancer or mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos, but it can be brought on by other things, such as exposure to zeolite, which is a chemical also found in asbestos. The worrying thing is how prevalent asbestos is in many materials that around us every day, including cement, roof shingles, flooring, textiles, brake linings and insulation. The asbestos inserts itself via our respiratory system and settles within, making carcinogenic tumors. Individuals in the construction industry need to be especially careful about fighting asbestos, asbestos mine workers, workers at shipyards and mills are the most susceptible to asbestos cancer, thanks to continual exposure to it. It might take as long as 50 years for symptoms to display themselves, but unfortunately once mesothelioma is located the common person will have 1 - 2 years left to live, this is why early detection is important for any hope of treatment.

There are rules established by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) as to the legal amounts of asbestos that can be allowed in the workplace. Anybody who deals with the substance is forced to adhere to strict guidelines and wear protective equipment. Asbestos carried home on clothing has also been shown to affect family members of workers, therefore showers and a change out of protective clothing is demanded before workers can leave the workplace.

Successful treatments of mesothelioma differ greatly depending on many factors, the patient, when it is diagnosed, where it is located and the health of the patient. Quite a few patients will undergo surgery, and then chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Surgery will excise tumors but the normal health of the patient decides how effective this will be. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are both efficient strategies to fight the symptoms, however he side effects from these treatments can cause issues themselves. Anybody who thinks they might have been exposed to asbestos for a long period of time should go in for regular check ups and look out for symptoms that could demonstrate the surfacing of mesothelioma, because remember if you catch the disease early your chances of survival increase dramatically.

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