List of companies for asbestos settlement

List of companies that have added themselves to a  asbestos settlement :

A. P. Green
ABB Lummus Global
A-Best Products
AC&S Asbestos Settlement Trust
Amatex Corp.
American Shipbuilding Inc.
API, Inc. Settlement Trust
Armstrong World Industries Asbestos Pl
ARTRA 524(g) Asbestos Trust
ARTRA Group, Inc.
ASARCO LLC Asbestos PI Settlement Trust
Asbestos and Insulation Corporation (A&I Corporation)
Asbestos Claims Management Corp. (ACMC)
Babcock & Wilcox Company Asbestos PI Settlement Trust
Bondex International Inc.
Brauer Supply Co.
Brunswick Fabricators
Burns and Roe Asbestos PI Settlement Trust
C. E. Thurston
Carey Canada, Inc.
Celotex Corp.
Christy Refractories
Combustion Engineering 524(g) Asbestos PI Trust
Congoleum Corp.
Dana Corporation
Delaware Insulations
DII Industries, LLC Asbestos PI Trust
Durable Manufacturing Co.
E J. Bartells
Eagle-Picher Industries
Federal Mogul U.S. Asbestos PI Trust
Flintkote Co./Flintkote Mines
Forty-Eight Insulations
G-1 Holdings, Inc.
Garlock Sealing Technologies, LLC
Gatke Corp.
General Motors
G-I Asbestos Settlement Trust
Global Industrial Technologies for Harbison-Walker
H. K. Porter Co.
Harnischfeger Corp.
Hercules Chemical
Hillsborough Holding Co.
J.T. Thorpe Settlement Trust
Johns-Manville Corp.
Kaiser Asbestos PI Trust
Keene Corp.
Kentile Floors
Lake Asbestos of Quebec, Ltd.
Leslie Controls, Inc. Asbestos PI Trust
Lloyd E. Mitchell Co.
Lummus 524(g) Asbestos PI Trust
Lykes Bros. Steamship
M. H. Detrick
McLean Industries
Mid-Valley, Inc. *Halliburton *
Muralo Co.
Murphy Marine Services
National Gypsum
Nicolet, Inc.
Oglebay Norton Co. *ONCO*
Owens Corning Fibreboard Asbestos PI Trust
Pacific Insulation Co.
Philadelphia Asbestos Corp
Pittsburgh Corning
Plant Insulation Co.
Plibrico Asbestos Trust
Porter-Hayden Co.
Prudential Lines, Inc.
Quigley Co. (Pfizer)
Raymark Corp./Raytech
Rock Wool Manufacting
Rutland Fire Clay
Shook and Fletcher
Special Electric
Special Metals Corp.
Standard Insulations, Inc.
Stone and Webster Engineering
T H Agriculture & Nutrition Industries Asbestos PI Trust
Thorpe Insulation Company Asbestos PI Settlement Trust
Todd Shipyards
U.S. Gypsum Asbestos PI Settlement Trust
United States Lines
United States Mineral Products
UNR Industries
USG Corp.
Utex Industries
W.R. Grace
Wallace and Gale Co.
Waterman Steamship Corp
Western MacArthur-Western Asbestos Trust

This list may be incomplete .